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murr-ma handcrafts a variety of small batch spirits and canned cocktails. Our first run of spirits will be released fall 2018.


River Valley Vodka is the perfect building block for your favorite cocktails. Our premium, handcrafted small batch vodka is distilled at a minimum of four times from corn and naturally gluten free, it’s exactly what vodka is meant to be: smooth and versatile. In establishments now!

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Mt. Tom Gin is our trademark botanical gin. It falls somewhere between a London-dry style and a more floral gin. It is a double distilled juniper bomb with rose petals taming it down to be stirred straight into a martini or shaken like hell into your favorite cocktail. In establishments now!

art: arielle jessop


A collaboration with Share Coffee Roasters, a renown local coffee roaster, Lady Killigrew’s Coffee Liqueur is barista-backed and ready to be sipped straight like a spro or mixed into the dude's white russian. Coming soon!

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Our canned gin and tonic is an expert blend of Mt. Tom Gin, house crafted tonic and just the right amount of lime- this canned cocktail is perfect for wherever your next adventure takes you. Just pop it open and you're ready to go. Coming soon!

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This canned cocktail is a mix of our River Valley Vodka, Frederiksdal Cherry Likor and sparkling water. Summer in a can! This liqueur is made from Stevnsbær cherries and aged in cognac barrels for six months. The flavor is dominated by an intense cherry sweetness and a hint of chocolate, and finishes with an irresistible citrusy zing. Coming soon!

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We're collaborating with our favorite local cidery to produce an apple brandy which we will then age for 2 years in calvados barrels. Good things come to those who wait. Coming soon!

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